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OriginTrail is a solution that allows effective differentiation for food products' brand owners. By unveiling the entire supply chain to shoppers before they make their purchase, we help producers differentiate themselves based on the origin of their products and put the shoppers’ mind at ease.

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29 May
“Synchronisation of products meta data” event by GS1 in Ljubljana
We are glad to inform you that OriginTrail was a proud sponsor of an important event organised by a non-profit organisation GS1 Slovenia.GS1 is a leading global organisation dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards and solutions to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply and demand chains globally and across sectors. The GS1 system of standards is the most widely used supply chain standards system in the world.OriginTrail team strongly believe that global standards are crucial if we want to achieve better transparency in the food supply chain that will ensure high quality and safe food. We are also looking forward to talking more with GS1 on how our solution can integrate in the GDSN global catalogue that is being implemented today and how OriginTrail can assist with creating new standards when it comes to food traceability.
02 Apr
OriginTrail became a proud member of Danish Food Cluster
Danish Food Cluster is a membership organisation for businesses, research institutions, and public authorities working within the food and agriculture sector in Denmark. DFC members currently represent around 75% of the nation’s food industry turnover. Primary objective of the organisation is to maximise the sector’s potential for global growth by facilitating innovative collaboration and knowledge sharing and attracting international business, talents, and investors. Individually, our members benefit from higher national and international visibility.
OriginTrail is happy to be a part of such important group of food industry players and looks forward to promote DFC activities, attend their events and excursions as well as establish cooperation with other members of the organisation.
You can see OriginTrail profile at Danish Food Cluster website.
13 Nov
OriginTrail won Belgrade Venture Forum Pitching Competition!
Biggest regional investment conference took place in Belgrade between 5th and 7th November 2014 and was attended by more than 50 investors from over 15 states.
Over 130 startups in the region entered the BgVF pitching competition and 6 finalist were chosen among the 30 companies that were given the chance to present their company in front of jury of investors. OriginTrail took the first place in the competition with a pitch that received a standing ovation from one of the most prominent keynote speakers at the conference, Gary Whitehill.
The team is very glad to have received such confirmation from esteemed jury and this win will definitely serve as a fresh gust of wind in the sails of the company allowing it to promote the importance of food traceability with OriginTrail even more.



"Shoppers kept asking us, where does the milk in our products originate from - which farm, which cow.
Thanks to the OriginTrail solution, we were able to answer their questions and show the key difference from competitors."

Darja Teržan

Director of Strategic Marketing and Product development at Celeia Dairy

"Each year, food scandals hamper consumer confidence, thus knowing the origin of food indeed is their right. Already at this moment, there are differences among food producers in regard to the level of information we provide to consumers and we believe the importance of that will even increase in the future"

Marko Konič

CEO at Eta Kamnik

Why OriginTrail?


Shoppers seek more information about their food than ever before when buying food products. They reward brands that provide high level of transparency with loyalty and purchasing preference. OriginTrail solves the problem of providing full transparency of your supply chain.


Research conducted in the US shows that more than 80% of shoppers choose traceable over non-traceable products and more than 90% of shoppers in EU believe it is important to know where their food comes from. Origin of products ranks as the second most important factor when making purchase decisions.


OriginTrail’s in-app messaging system and product rating module turns every single product on the shelf into an interaction point between shopper and producer.


OriginTrail will make you know better what your customers think of your products and allow you to inform them about your new interesting activities through direct push notifications.


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Analyze product scan statistics

Using our web app for analyzing customer in-app behaviour and feedback (Customer Analysis and Data Management - CADM) you can get to know your shoppers and their taste better.

Real-time feedback monitoring

Shoppers can easily rate and comment on every single product they scan, helping the producers gain necessary insight in shoppers preferences.


Using the in-app messaging system the producer can easily communicate with the customers about relevant news and announcements.

Join OriginTrail

Implementing OriginTrail is simple & cheap - there is no need to physically interfere with the production processes and no need to change the IT infrastructure or information architecture of your systems. We provide a clean way to integrate your data into our system on a daily basis through a simple interface.

Show your customers the origin of your products, and use the opportunity to present yourself to our quickly growing customer base.

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