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Trusted data sharing in supply chains

OriginTrail enables seamless data sharing along any supply chain. Decentralized, blockchain-supported platform ensures trust, transparency, and security. It helps companies exchange relevant data seamlessly and in a secure way to build accountability, protect their brands and save money.

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Loved by quality food producers


Darja Teržan

Chief Marketing Officer Celeia Dairy

Marko Konič

Chief Executive Officer Natureta

Supply chain process setup is obsolete in today’s interconnected world

Data fragmentation

Many data silos exist across the supply chain and even within organisations, with low data interoperability. IT providers who want to establish full supply chain visibility currently have no common ground for collaborative data exchange.

Inefficient decentralised solutions

Current blockchain and decentralised solutions are very costly, do not provide the advanced data relational functionalities and have major scaling issues. There are currently no cost-effective solutions that can provide the needed level of performance, scalability and trust for interconnected data in supply chains.

OriginTrail platform delivers

Interoperability and automatic data connection between multiple supply chain organizations, with consensus mechanisms ensuring integrity of data

A solution for performance, cost and scalability issues by providing a specialized decentralized system for supply chain data based on blockchain

How it works?

Watch simple one-minute video explainer.

Standards for data exchange

Providing interoperability by easy use of globally recognised GS1 standards for supply chain data exchange and common IoT protocols.

Consensus checks within supply chains

Ensuring data integrity by cross-reference checks of independently provided data within a supply chain using zero knowledge proof methodology.

OriginTrail Data Storage

Decentralised graph database is utilised to get the best performance, scalability and cost-efficiency. It allows for fast and simple manipulation of complex hierarchical supply chain data.

Tamper proof blockchain agnostic system

OriginTrail utilizes blockchain of users choice to provide the data mutability protection layer.

Trace token network

Transactions between users and nodes on the network will be utilizing ERC223 token representing a unit of machine memory in time. Awards determined by bidding are without additional arbitrary fees.

OriginTrail is already helping supply chains around the world with

21, 907

active trails today


OriginTrail team has been bringing transparency to supply chains for over 5 years. We implemented our first project based on QR codes for organic meat producer back in 2011. In the following years, we have been developing a system which supported more food products. We are tracking complex supply chains for GMO-free dairy, meat, and packed vegetable products. All clients continue to use OriginTrail solutions to prove and market provenance of ingredients in their products on a daily basis.

In 2016, we started implementing blockchain technology to further enhance trust in data. Our distributed platform which will be suitable for all product supply chains.

2013 - alpha version for organic beef products
2014- beta version for dairy products
2015 - beta version for poultry and vegetable products
2016 - OriginTrail concept upgraded with blockchain
Q1 2017 - first Ethereum tests
Q3 2017 - existing partners linked to Ethereum
Q4 2017 - confirmed pilot projects in Chinese market
2018- decentralised OriginTrail platform launch


Tomaž Levak

Co-founder & CEO

Žiga Drev

Co-founder & COO

Branimir Rakić

Co-founder & CTO

Sava Savić

Data Interoperability Expert

Nino Pirtovšek

Finance & Accounting

Aleksandar Veljković

Blockchain Developer & Big Data researcher

Filip Radojković

Full Stack Developer

Žarko Stamenić

Product Designer

Anže Voje

PR & Communications


John G. Keogh


Tomaž Štolfa


Andrej Muževič


Srdjan Krčo



Awards and recognitions

#SmartVillages initiative Panelist 2017
Food + City Challenge Prize (Austin, Texas) People’s Choice Award Winner 2017
Open Data Incubator for Europe Winner 2016
Belgrade Venture Forum Winner 2014

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